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The Public Education Foundation relies heavily on the generous donation of time, skill and experience by our volunteers.

There is always plenty to do, and volunteer opportunities at the Foundation include roles such as helping with fundraising and events, assisting in the office, volunteering as a Research Intern, or being a member of an Advisory Committee or Selection Panel.

If you feel you have skills or experience to contribute, and are over 18 years of age, please complete the volunteer application form below. You will be contacted when a suitable vacancy is available.

Required documentation and checks

All volunteers must complete an application form and attach a CV (if you have one). If you have been placed in an ongoing role, you will also need to sign Public Education Foundation policy and confidentiality agreements. If the volunteering role involves working with children, you will need to sign a Prohibited Employment Declaration form stating that you have not been convicted of any offences involving children.

The interview process

All potential ongoing volunteers will be interviewed and referee checks will be conducted to ensure suitable applicants are found and placed in a role you will enjoy. If there are a number of applicants for the role, the Foundation will shortlist the applications and the interviews will be conducted accordingly. You will be contacted within 2 weeks as to the success of your application.


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we would like to know your skills and interest so that we can match you to an area that suits you best. Which of the following skills do you possess:

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What would you most like to do?

The following opportunities may be currently available at the Foundation. If you are interested in any of the following, please check the box. Some opportunities may not be available currently, but may become available later so it's important that you register your interest.

 Become a member of the board
 Participate in Advisory Committees
 Event co-ordination and assistance
 Fundraising co-ordination and assistance
 Data entry
 Research intern
 General office admin


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