Get Involved

There are many ways you can help the Public Education Foundation to assist young people in public education. Your support, in whatever form, can change a child’s life and help them realise their full potential.


Leaving the next generation a good education is one of the best gifts you can make. Thank you for your generous offer to raise funds for the Public Education Foundation.

We are very grateful to the many individuals, schools, P&Cs and companies who support the work of the Public Education Foundation by holding external events or activities to support public education and help raise funds for scholarships and other activities.

You may wish to raise funds for the Public Education Foundation in general, or for a specific scholarship or area of interest. We have developed these guidelines to both assist you in your fundraising efforts as well as outline your responsibilities when fundraising for Public Education Foundation. Please read through these guidelines carefully before filling out a Proposal to Raise Funds form.



The Public Education Foundation relies heavily on the generous donation of time, skill and experience by our volunteers. Strong volunteer involvement enables PEF to deliver its programs and ensure 90 per cent of donations go straight into scholarships.

Volunteer roles include:

  • Board members
  • Advisory committee members
  • Fundraising assistants
  • Office assistants
  • Research interns


Current Volunteer Opportunities

If you feel you have skills or experience to contribute, and are over 18 years of age, please contact the Public Education Foundation: +61 2 9266 8452.

Join the Alumni


As a nation we owe a great deal to public education. Most Australians have attended a public school and many have gone on to make outstanding contributions to our society. The Public Education Foundation recognises the valuable contributions alumni have made to our communities.The Public Education Foundation invites you, as a former public school student, to show pride in your education and support the work of the Foundation – providing life changing scholarships to students in public schools.

Contact the Public Education Foundation to join the alumni: +61 2 9266 8452