Munbah, Friends of Zainab Scholarship winner, 2012.

“Hello, my name is Munbah and I was a recipient of Friends of Zainab Scholarship in 2012. I’m very pleased to say that the scholarship has helped me to complete my HSC at St Marys Senior High school and I have been offered a place at UWS Parramatta campus to study bachelor of nursing. I’m so grateful for the Scholarship because it has helped me to achieve one of my goal which is to go to university and I’m just thanking everybody for the Scholarship. Thank you so much.”

William, Una May Smith Aboriginal Scholarship for a Senior Secondary Student.

“I would like to write a few words of what it means to me to have been awarded the “Una May Smith” Scholarship. Without this scholarship, my dream of studying medicine and furthering my education would be harder to achieve. This is also a relief to my parents as well as myself. Also, I have dreams of being a mentor for indigenous students in the future, especially coming back to Manilla and other communities. Giving back is important to me. For one to receive, they must give back. Once again, I am very proud to be the recipient of the Una May Smith Scholarship. My one wish is that I make Mrs. Smith proud and her relatives as well. I think Mrs. Smith must have been an amazing person. To still be influencing youth after so many years in the hands of God. Thank you.”

Patricia, mother of William, Una May Smith Aboriginal Scholarship for a Senior Secondary Student.

“The support is great for William. Not only for his mental, but also his physical well-being. Whilst doing his HSC and since the scholarship being awarded to William, he is closer to his chosen career of studying medicine at Newcastle University. The scholarship allows us to breathe easier without financial burden.  As parents only doing a little part-time work and being on disability pension, we admire the contributors to such scholarship programs. The joy one must feel on changing and giving opportunities to young students to further their dreams. Without such contributions to scholarships, a lot of students would not reach their potential that is inside of them.  We would like to thank the Public Education Foundation as well as the donor for being the dream makers of our youth and featuring their hopes. Thank you, muchly appreciated”

Sian, Jan Levett Scholarship for Drama winner, 2013

“The trip to Sydney as part of the Jan Levett scholarship was an amazing experience for me. This scholarship is really important for girls in rural areas who want to pursue dramatic arts and may not have the capabilities to do so in their town. Without this opportunity I still would not have a clear plan of what I wanted to do in the future and how to go about it. A massive thank-you to everyone who put in so much effort to give me this amazing experience, I’ve learnt so much and I hope to be back in Sydney soon in 2014.”

Rebecca, Jan Levett Scholarship for Drama Winner, 2013

“The Jan Levett Scholarship for Drama was such an incredible experience to have been given. To be able to explore the dramatic arts world of Sydney was a great opportunity, and I am so very thankful I was awarded it.  From the incredibly rewarding Scholarship you fund, I have been given the experience, knowledge and resources to confidently achieve high results not only in my HSC drama next year, but after school as a career. I thank you once again for supporting this Scholarship; it has truly inspired me to achieve high results regardless of my location and economic status.”

Anna, Mama Lena and Dino Gustin Foundation Scholarship winner, 2013/2014

“The Mamma Lena and Dino Gustin Foundation Scholarship with the Public Education Foundation and with EF International Roma was an amazing scholarship and experience that I will never forget and am truly grateful for.  Learning the Italian language with students from all over the world was such an awesome experience and allowed me to not only learn more about Italian culture and language but also the cultures that exist all around the world. It was amazing to meet so many people from so many other countries and to share the experience and learn with them. I would do it again any day!  Thank you all so much, I am truly grateful for the experience and will never forget it!”