20 July, 2017:

Welcome to Term 3 for 2017! For us, it is a particularly exciting time of year as we are delighted to launch our main round of scholarships for 2018 which are now open.  I encourage you to visit the scholarships page and read about the many opportunities available this year for public school students right from Year 1 through to transitioning to tertiary study.

The scholarships that are currently open for 2018 support students with all kinds of interest and expertise as well as offering students who are experiencing disadvantage critical support to help reach their potential.  Read below to learn more about these wonderful opportunities and start thinking about students you know who might be eligible.

I would particularly like to welcome two new scholarships to our fold; the Agnes Borsody Scholarship and the Aboriginal Education Council Scholarship.  We are grateful for the generosity and vision of the supporters who established these scholarships.


  • The Friends of Zainab Scholarship: Provides financial assistance for refugee students (available to senior secondary students and students transitioning to tertiary studies).
  • The Vorsay Scholarship: Provides financial support to primary-aged students (includes the PEF and NSW Teachers Federation Primary Scholarships).
  • The Emorgo Scholarship for Music: Supports students commencing vocal or woodwind study the Conservatorium High School.
  • The Patricia Long Conservatorium High School Scholarship: Supports students for the duration of studies at the Conservatorium High School
  • The J Holden Family Foundation Scholarship: Supports students commencing study at the Conservatorium High School.
  • The Trades & Technology STEM Scholarship: Encourages senior high school students to pursue a career in STEM subjects.
  • The Australian Science Olympiad Summer School Scholarship: supports an outstanding student to attend the highly competitive Science Olympiad.
  • Aboriginal Education Council Scholarship: Supports Indigenous students enrolled in NSW Public Schools to successfully complete their senior years of schooling.
  • The Camburn Withers Scholarship: Supports an Indigenous student in year 2 enrolled in a Connected Communities school through their primary school years.
  • The Dr Heather Radi Scholarship: Supports an Indigenous student enrolled in a Connected Communities school complete high school and transition to tertiary education.
  • The Malala Yousafzai Scholarship:  Supports students in the middle years of secondary school who have a strong belief in the power of education to change lives.
  • The Una May Smith Scholarship: Supports an Indigenous student in primary school through to high school and future tertiary education.
  • The Una May Smith Senior Scholarship: Support Indigenous students in senior high school successfully complete schooling and progress to tertiary education and/or training.
  • The Agnes Borsody Scholarship: Supports female students with a refugee background through high school years at a NSW selective public high school.
  • The Walter & Eliza Hall Trust Opportunity Scholarship: Supports students with a physical disability make the transition to tertiary education.
  • The Susan & Isaac Wakil Foundation Scholarship: Supports students entering tertiary or vocational education.
  • NSW Cookery Association: Assists students who have obtained a high degree of proficiency in the subject of Food Technology.
  • The Capital Chemist College Scholarship: For ACT public school students who will be in their final year of secondary education in 2018.
  • Harding Miller Education Foundation Scholarships: Supports high potential girls in high school.