The Public Education Foundation was established to work collaboratively with schools, communities, business and government to help students achieve their full potential while enhancing the value and reputation of public school education.

We do this is by providing life-changing scholarships for students and by encouraging research in the field of education.

Our scholarship program means donors can give public school students life changing opportunities as a tax-deductible gift. The PEF ensures that at least 90 per cent of all money donated goes directly to scholarships.

The types of scholarships we provide are constantly evolving to meet the needs of students and donors. They are not just about financial payments, focusing instead on the different kinds of support and encouragement that individual students need. The most important thing is that our programs are developed using expert advice, evidence-based and evaluated and are culturally appropriate and best practice.

We are regularly developing new opportunities to meet both the needs of donors and scholarship recipients. Typically we help students from disadvantaged backgrounds to cover the extra ‘costs’ of schooling and have the support they need to succeed. We also provide opportunities for hard working students to extend their talents and pursue their aspirations.


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