The Public Education Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing life-changing scholarships to young people in public education and enhancing the value and reputation of public schools.

The Foundation works in collaboration with schools, communities, unions, business and government to help students achieve their full potential and support teaching and learning excellence in the public education system.


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Our life-changing  scholarships help students overcome barriers to achievement created by social and economic disadvantage. We also reward academic achievement in our public schools.

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There are many ways you can help the Public Education Foundation to assist young people in public education. Your support can change a student’s life and help them realise their full potential.

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Our media releases, news articles and resource links highlight the value of public education and contribute to education-related debates and discussions.

2024 School Year is Up and Running

The Australian Open is over. The Australia Day long weekend is over. The school holidays are over and public schools in every part of this nation are welcoming back students. These first days back at school are always incredibly important as our hard-working, dedicated teachers begin the process [...]

Return to School

Parramatta, NSW – 25 January 2024: This week students, teachers, parents, grandparents, and guardians across Australia are preparing to return to school and are looking forward to the 2024 school year. There is no question that this preparation includes the purchase of uniforms, education support material, and [...]

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Meet Michaela, a recent Public Education Foundation Secondary Scholarship recipient. Such scholarships enable those currently experiencing financial hardship that may prevent them from continuing their senior years of education in a public school to continue their studies.She is now studying a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at Southern Cross University, so she can make a positive difference in the lives of the disadvantaged in rural schools.Michaela shares the following message:The support I’ve been given by the PEF has allowed me to determine my future regardless of my difficult past. For this, I am incredibly grateful. I grew up in a dysfunctional, low-income household situated in rural Australia. The schools I attended were also located in low socio-economic areas which meant that not only was I disadvantaged financially, but most of my peers were not as driven to succeed as I was. My lived experiences which have shaped me have also shaped who I want to be. I can empathize with some of the challenges and struggles faced by disadvantaged youth, and I have experienced the positive impact great teachers can make in the lives of this demographic. I am inspired by PEF to make a positive difference in the lives of the disadvantaged, albeit by becoming an educator in high-demand subject areas, specifically biology, chemistry, and mathematics, and imparting knowledge to youth in rural schools. PEF provided me with enormous support and the confidence I needed to finish my HSC and extend myself to further study a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at Southern Cross University. Without having had the honour of being granted this scholarship, I would not have thought I was capable enough to pursue tertiary education.Many thanks to PEF for making dreams like mine achievable! ... See MoreSee Less
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Meet Roaa, a recent Friends of Zainab Tertiary Scholarship recipient. Such scholarships provide significant support to refugee students in the first two years of fulltime University or TAFE study.She aspires to become a psychologist: to be a beacon of hope for those who cannot yet see the sun.Roaa shares the following message:From a very young age, education has been as essential to me as food and water are to a human. I travelled from one place to another until Australia became my final destination. The sensation of displacement, leaving behind comfort and familiarity for a place only glimpsed on a map, was a challenging experience. Yet, I persevered, fuelled by the hope of one day studying psychology. While I managed to navigate these trials, I recognise that many others in my community struggle similarly. Hence, why I aspire to become a psychologist: to be a beacon of hope for those who cannot yet see the sun.Our world is full of injustices and unfair treatment. However, amidst these challenges, there remains hope for change, and I am determined to be a part of that change. While one person alone cannot transform the world, they can certainly make an impact within their sphere, aiding those in their midst. This is why I chose to integrate my psychology studies with media: to amplify the voices of those who speak but are not heard.PEF has been an invaluable support to me since high school, and their contributions cannot be overstated. As a human, there are times when I feel despondent, but knowing that PEF is standing behind me, and offering support, fills me with the motivation to persevere. ... See MoreSee Less
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Dreams are possible!Meet Sahiba, a recent Friends of Zainab Secondary Scholarship recipient. Such scholarships enable Year 11 and 12 refugee students across Australia through the critical years of their HSC.Sahiba shares the following message:First of all, it seemed impossible for me to be eligible for such a fantastic PEF scholarship opportunity, and I was incredibly honoured and grateful to be chosen as one of your winners. In addition to meeting my financial necessities, the PEF scholarship and the Rise program also motivated me to work even harder in my everyday life and academic pursuits. I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional opportunity that PEF has provided me and so many other talented young people.Alhamdulillah, the scholarship allowed me to focus more on my academics, which led to fantastic results and an incredible offer in a degree that I was only dreaming of (Bachelor of Law (Honours)) while, covering all my financial worries over the course of two hectic years. Words can’t express how thankful I am for the opportunity. Thank you again PEF for making one more students’ life a success and easier. ... See MoreSee Less
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