In Memory Donations

Making a donation in memory of a loved one is a valuable way to honour their life. The opportunity for family and friends to pay their respects through a lasting donation may be preferred instead of flowers.

The Public Education Foundation’s In Memory donation form may be downloaded here (link.) Or, if you are interested in establishing a memorial scholarship in a loved one’s name, please contact us.


This wonderful gift will assist the Public Education Foundation to give life-changing scholarships to young people in public education, their teachers and families.


With almost 70 per cent of young people attending public schools, scholarships in public education have the potential to change the lives of many young people with far-reaching positive effects.

Your bequest to the Public Education Foundation will help to create scholarships for young people in public education well into the future that will not only change their lives, but also change the lives of their families, their schools and their communities. Much of our work is funded by the generous donations and bequests people make in their wills.

Your gift could help to fund scholarships in the areas of literacy, numeracy, sport, technology, the arts, the environment, disadvantage or a particular talent. At the same time, you will know that your money is going to maximum benefit because the Foundation ensures that more than 90 per cent of all money donated goes directly to scholarships.

When making your Will we suggest you use the following words to ensure a legal gift from your Will:

“I bequeath to the Public Education Foundation ABN 12 129 228 413,

  • (a) All of my residuary estate,
  • (b) (a specified percentage) of my residuary estate,
  • (c) the sum of (a specified sum), or
  • (d) my (list of specified assets),

free of all duties and taxes including, Capital Gains Tax if any.

  • For the general purposes of the Public Education Foundation, or
  • For the charitable purposes of the Public Education Foundation, or
  • And I request but without creating a binding trust that this bequest be applied to (the specific group or purpose you have in mind).

(Delete whichever are inapplicable.)

I direct and declare that the receipt of the financial secretary or other authorised officer of the Public Education Foundation at the date of my death shall be a full and complete discharge to my executor(s).”

If you are leaving all or a large part of your estate to the Foundation you might like to consider making the Chairperson of PEF your Executor. This can be achieved with a clause such as:  “I appoint the Chairperson of the Public Education Foundation at the date of my death Executor and Trustee of my Will.”

For more information about In Memory donation or establishing a memorial scholarship, please contact us by completing the form. For more information about Bequest please speak to your solicitor or contact us.

Bequests go toward assisting our work:

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