Kim Harding and Irene Miller established the Harding Miller Education Foundation after selling Kim’s business in 2014. Both Kim and Irene have been long term champions of the education of girls and of public education. In the two years prior to the sale of the business they had begun to work with the Public Education Foundation on scholarships for girls who did not have the advantages available to girls in higher socio-economic circumstances.

The first girls to receive scholarships, when they were in Year 9, are now in Year 12. In the first years, girls were given cheques to help with their educational requirements. The approach has changed now to providing computers, internet access, tutoring, some funds for other needs and coaching support.

In 2016 the Foundation was recognised as an Australian charity and Public Benevolent Institution and is able to receive tax deductible donations. We applied for this recognition so that we can attract more donations and help more girls.

To expand the program and provide more support for more scholarships, donations would be extremely valuable and welcome. Because Kim Harding and Irene Miller fund all of the administration costs (100%) themselves, all funds go to the girls and their needs.

The Foundation is still working closely with the Public Education Foundation to mutual benefit. The Public Education Foundation offers a wide variety of scholarships for both students and teachers in public schools and promotes the quality and status of public education.