It’s been amazing to have so many life-changing experiences. There are a wonderful group of people who care about my well-being as an Aboriginal student at Merrylands High School. I am constantly astounded by this support and the opportunities I have at school such as being Vice-Captain and doing well at photography. The Una May Scholarship has also provided me with another marvellous opportunity. With the money from the scholarship I was able to buy many things that support my study. I was able to purchase a laptop and no longer needed to rely on the school laptops which are often being used. This has freed me up to do other extracurricular activities at recess and lunch as I can now take my laptop home. My family doesn’t have good laptops or computers, like other families have.

I love staying busy because I know that an active person is open to many opportunities. I’m originally from the Northern Territory but I now live with my grandma in Merrylands. While she is doing her best to provide me with a great future, she is very busy and still works even though she is quite old. Her hard work has prompted realise the importance of getting ahead. The money from this scholarship has been a blessing because it relieves the financial challenges. It has helped us a lot.

Right now I am focused on getting an amazing ATAR so I can go to university. I’m interested in doing something in the health field. I can concentrate on my studies because of the Una May Scholarship. For this, I am very grateful.