Once you have received your scholarship, it is important to know how much you have spent and how much of your scholarship you have left.

Primary School Students:

Primary scholarships are paid directly to your school.  Please ask at your school office to give you a statement of what you have spent to date and how much you have left.

Secondary School Students:

Most of our secondary scholarships are paid by Visa card and sent to your school.  Your school office will hold on to the Visa card for you until you are ready to spend some of your money.

To check the balance on your Visa card follow these steps:

If you are a GO Foundation scholarship winner, go to https://universalgiftcard.com.au/

Make sure you have your PIN (a 4 digit number listed on the letter that arrived with the Visa card) and the CVV on the back.

For all other scholarships, go to https://ichoosegift.mycardplace.com/cholder/

Enter your credit card number and expiry and it will show you all the transactions to date and your balance.

For all Visa cards, you must note the expiry date.  All your funds will disappear when your card expires – we have no control over this.

Tertiary Students:

Once you receive your scholarship you need to start tracking what you are spending your money on.  At the end of the year, we will ask what you spent it on so be warned!