Essay Topic: Why a Good Public Education System Matters in Modern Australia

What is education? According to Nelson Mandela, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. In today’s society, his words still remain relevant. Education is not only the process of acquiring skills and knowledge but it is also an invaluable experience that every child should have the right to be part of.

Government funded education is the foundation of the education system in Australia. Australia is home to 3,750,000 million students with over 62% attending government schooling (ABS). Government schools allow students of any race, colour, gender, religion, economic/social standing or culture to attend and experience education. These schools go beyond the syllabus and are able to introduce inspirational and important messages to students including equality, tolerance and respect.

The importance of possessing a strong public school education system arises from the dependency Australian students have towards government funded schools. Without the public education system, a large number of students would not be able to attend any educational institution, either due to financial difficulties or not fitting into the criteria set by private education.

The reliance on the public education is colossal. Therefore, we as a society need to actively encourage the development of government-funded schools, to ensure all students receive an education.

Additionally, education matters to the entire community. Through possessing a strong public education system, as a society, we can benefit from a highly educated workforce and assist in attracting talented workers whom may not have had the opportunity to attend school if they were required to pay for it. This allows young people to lead rewarding lives as they have a sense of value and pride in their level of education. This is particularly important in Modern Australia, due to Australia’s ageing population. Therefore, by building capable and confident workers through the implementation of public school education, society is able to benefit from strong future employees. Government funded education is responsible for providing the next generation of future workers for Australia and by ensuring the strong development of the public education system, we can safeguard the economic, social prosperity of Australia for many more years to come.

Overall, a good public school education is particularly relevant in Australia due to the dependency many students possess towards the system, the invaluable life experiences that it provides to students which money cannot buy and the benefits it can contribute to the Australian community.

Lea Osmanagic, Ryde Secondary College