Recognising NSW Department of Education Employees who have shows outstanding effort in improving the quality of teaching and/or learning outcomes in the NSW Public Education Sector.

Catriona Arcamone, Fort Street High School

Dale Chadwick, Gundagai High School

Jodie Clark, Bass Hill Public School

Steven Hollebon, Doonside Technology High School

Maxine Jackson, The Canobolas Rural Technology High School

Anne-Maree Nairne, Cassilis Public School

Vicki Pogulis, Glebe Public School

Lisa Porter, Claymore Public School

Stacey Quince, Campbelltown High School of the Performing Arts

Graham Smith, Tumut High School

Joyce Valele, Concord High School


Catriona Arcamone, Head Teacher / Relieving Deputy Principal, Fort Street High School

Ms Arcamone is a passionate teacher of the highest calibre who is concerned for each and every student in her care.  Her leadership of the English faculty has inspired staff and presented quality programs to English Teachers Association 2014-2017.  Outstanding HSC results have resulted in an unprecedented number of students in HSC showcase; six in three years.  Ms Arcamone has led humanitarian work to support the family of one student and prevent imminent deportation of parents.  Improved student engagement and learning outcomes are at the core of Ms Arcamone’s work as a teacher and educational leader.

Dale Chadwick, Teacher, Gundagai High School

Mr Chadwick’s influence as a teacher extends across the whole school but is reflected most vividly in his work with student leadership, Gifted and Talented Program and his key learning area of agriculture.  Mr Chadwick was the SRC teacher coordinator for 26 years.  He has championed the cattle parading program within the school, gaining many industry links along the way that have resulted in sponsorships and opportunities for student work placement and work experience. Within the community, Mr Chadwick runs the Rural Fire Service Cadets program.  He is an inspiration to students and his community.

Ms Jodie Clark, Deputy Principal Instructional Leadership, Bass Hill Public School

Ms Clark is a leader who principals and colleagues across the Bankstown district respect and value.  She has established support networks within and across schools and is sought out for advice and guidance from leaders across the district.  Ms Clark’s passion for professional learning has seen teachers develop deep pedagogical understandings; uptaking and imbedding their practices in the classroom. Ms Clark has implemented tiered intervention and data days, ensuring students receive differentiation and point of need teaching and support along with mentoring the executive in spirals of enquiry to improve quality teaching and student outcomes.

Steven Hollebon, General Assistant, Doonside Technology High School

Steve has served the school community for 22 years.  He has become an integral member of the school community  working closely with teachers, parents and students to ensure a safe, operational learning environment.  Steve goes above and beyond his role to ensure students’ learning environments are in top operational shape making fantastic improvements to learning spaces, including being instrumental in the construction of the Year 7 Middle School.

Maxine Jackson, English Teacher, The Canobolas Rural Technology High School

Since beginning at the school in 1982, Ms Jackson’s guiding principle has been to never give up on a student.  He non-confrontational yet affirming manner with students cultivates a calm, purposeful classroom in which extremely disengaged students with challenging behaviours respect her and rise to her quietly conveyed expectations to produce their finest work.  Ms Jackson is an integral member of the English faculty, willingly mentors new and pre-service teachers and is regarded by all staff as  a positive role model.  Over 36 years she has also contributed to sporting teams, school publicity, public speaking, debating and regularly joins students in Anzac Day marches.

Anne-Marie Nairne, School Learning Support Officer, Cassilis Public School

For 20 years, Ms Nairne has been an incredible and passionate advocate for this small, rural school and has improved the learning and social outcomes for many students including students with intellectual and physical disabilities. Through the development of individual learning plans, student goals are written in consultation with teachers, students and families. Ms Nairne celebrates each student’s accomplishments and provides explicit feedback.  She is an active member of the learning support team and ensures that student achievements are communicated with families.

Vicki Pogulis, Principal, Glebe Public School

Under Ms Pogulis’ leadership, every child receives individual attention.  Ms Pogulis believes in the strong foundation of early childhood learning and has built and maintains strong partnerships between the school, families and the community.  She is a staunch advocate for public education and her joy in teaching is reflected in those who have been fortunate to work with her.  Ms Pogulis has created an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment where teaching and learning is supported by high quality resources.

Lisa Porter, Principal, Claymore Public School

Ms Porter is a highly experienced school principal and instructional leader who has demonstrated her outstanding leadership skills across three very diverse and challenging educational settings. Ms Porter’s leadership has built the capacity of teachers, leaders and support staff to develop meaningful and quality learning experiences for every student resulting in significant improvements in literacy and numeracy.  Her ability to articulate high expectations for all members of the school community  and maintain a relentless focus on learning in a caring and supportive environment is a testament to her passion for her work as a principal.

Stacey Quince, Principal, Campbelltown High School of the Performing Arts

Stacey is a passionate educator who has led extensive work and research to improve education for students across multiple contexts.  Stacey leads Schools of the Future, supporting the development of future-focused pedagogies in 30 secondary schools across NSW. She also designed and leads the Action Learning for Innovation project and was a Sydney Hub leader for AISTL’s Learning Frontiers, a national collaborative enquiry on learning and student engagement.  As Principal of Campbelltown Performing Arts High School, Stacey has developed a culture of evidence-based innovation and personalised professional learning to enhance learning across the school.

Graham Smith, Teacher, Tumut High School

Mr Smith is being recognised for his contribution to two distinct areas of school life; his work as an SRC coordinator and to the performing arts.  He has coordinated SRC activities for the past 23 years, firstly at James Fallon High School in Albury and now at Tumut High School, including the development of SRC principals’ networks.  Additionally Mr Smith has championed the performing arts at all schools at which he has taught, including the organisation of regional dance festivals.  Mr Smith also encourages student participation in local concert bands and regularly tutors at regional band camps.

Joyce Valele, Student Learning Support Officer, Concord High School

Every day, Ms Valele goes above and beyond her role to assist students with physical and intellectual disabilities, mental health issues and emotional and behavioural difficulties.  She is a regular volunteer at the school’s Breakfast Club program and established the Whanau group, the school’s Pacific Islander cultural group.  Ms Valele epitomises the values of this award and has created such a sense of trust amongst the students that they are comfortable to approach her about many issues.