The Public Education Foundation’s Teachers Health Early Career Scholarship supports public school teachers in the first three years of their career.  The scholarship provides $10,000 to spend on approved professional development / professional learning.  The scholarship may be spent on a single professional development course or on a set of professional learning activities.

Teachers Health was created by teachers for teachers nearly 70 years ago. Today, Teachers Health looks after over 380,000 teachers, education staff, and their families around Australia.  As a not-for-profit fund and Australia’s largest industry-based health fund, Teachers Health puts people before profits and offers the best possible value to its members.  They also give back to the education community, through scholarships, sponsorships and health and wellbeing programs.

Before applying for this scholarship, please ensure that you read the scholarship terms and conditions available on our website at Teacher_and_Principal_T_and_Cs


  • Be either:
    • a current fulltime permanent teacher in a government school in Australia in the first three years of their teaching career (i.e. having commenced fulltime permanent teaching no earlier than July 2021);
    • OR a current teacher in a government school in Australia in the first five years of their teaching career (i.e. having commenced casual or temporary position teaching no earlier than July 2019)
  • Be committed to continue as a teacher in the government school system for at least another five years;
  • Be available to share your learnings and act as an Ambassador for the Public Education Foundation and Teachers Health (if applicable) after the professional development experience;


  • Evidence of significant potential as a classroom teacher;
  • Commitment to the values of public education;
  • Capability for leadership into the future;
  • Evidence of a candidate’s enthusiasm for furthering their own professional development and education;
  • A clearly articulated demonstration of the need for the requested professional development, and their expected outcome from those;
  • How the knowledge will be implemented in the classroom and shared with colleagues within their school;
  • Other personal qualities and personal circumstances that would enhance the candidate’s suitability for a Teachers Health Early Career Scholarship 


A selection panel will review all scholarship applications and assess them against the selection criteria. The selection panel will include representatives of the Public Education Foundation, Teachers Health and independent experts. After considering all applications, the selection panel will recommend the selected applicants for the approval of the Public Education Foundation’s Board. The selection panel reserves the right to ask shortlisted applicants to participate in an interview.  


 To apply for the Teachers Health Early Career Scholarship, applicants can access the link to the online portal via the Foundation’s website – 

 Please note that all applications are now received via the Foundation’s online portal.   

 Prior to starting your application, you should compile the following information ready to submit: 

  • Applicant details including: 
    • full name 
    • phone number 
    • address 
    • email 
  • Residence status 
  • Month and year you commenced teaching
  • School details:
    • name of school 
    • address 
    • principal name 
    • email 
    • total enrolment
    • student attendance rate
    • % of Indigenous students 
    • % of EALD students 
    • % of students with special needs 
  • Please provide a personal statement about yourself, your commitment to teaching and to public education (Maximum 400 words)
  • What motivates and inspires you to make a difference in, and for, public education (Maximum 300 words)
  • Please provide a short description of the requested course/s (must be AFTER February 2025) (Maximum 300 words)
  • Please outline why you have chosen to undertake this professional development, what the expected outcomes are for you and how the course/s (and scholarship) will contribute to the plans and goals for yourself and your school. (Maximum 300 words)
  • Please outline your plan for sharing your knowledge with colleagues and implementing your knowledge in the classroom. (Maximum 200 words) Please note – it is not the intention of this scholarship to be shared by colleagues in regard to participation in the actual specified professional development.  Sharing of knowledge with colleagues is expected to occur after the successful recipient has undertaken their learning study or PD.
  • Please provide estimated costs for your PD, including travel costs.  Scholarship funds CANNOT be used for “back-filling” your position while you undertake any of your proposed PD.
  • A reference from your Principal confirming their commitment to supporting your study and releasing you from teaching if necessary to undertake the study (PDF or Word format, maximum 400 words). This reference should ideally be provided on letterhead.  AT A MINIMUM references must include the referees name, title and be signed and dated.

Note for Principals: Please be aware that your reference is a critical component of the application form and your feedback is given considerable weight in the process of panel deliberations.  The panels are looking for feedback that goes well beyond simple confirmation that the teacher is employed at your school, and should include what you believe the applicants’ potential is as a teacher and future leader.


Once you have finalised your application and all elements are complete (including references as required) you can submit it for review.

Applications must be submitted by 11.59pm on Friday 27th September 2024.

Please note that if you are selected as the successful recipient of this scholarship you will be required to submit a detailed proposal of your intended study, with associated expenditure, for approval prior to the funds being made available to you. Funding will be made available from late February 2025 – your requested course/s must take place after this date.

Please also note that any professional development must be completed within three years of being awarded the scholarship (by mid-2028).  {This may be reviewed in extenuating circumstances}.

On completion of your course (or each course, should you be undertaking more than one course as part of your scholarship), you are also required to provide an update to the Public Education Foundation and Teachers Health telling us about your course/s and explaining how you feel you have benefited from your professional development and the scholarship.


Call the Public Education Foundation on 02 7814 2806 or email us at