I arrived in Australia in April 2013 with my mother and brother. It was initially difficult settling into life in Australia but I was fortunate to enrol in Holroyd High School where I have received good support and guidance and have had the opportunity to be involved in many programs.My Principal Dorothy Hoddinott encouraged me to apply for the Friends of Zainab Scholarship. I didn’t expect to be chosen as a scholarship recipient but was extremely happy when I was selected. The scholarship money has enabled me to buy a laptop and pay for a variety of school expenses including expenses involved in my major HSC textile work. For people in a new country, facing financial hardship this scholarship really helps. It makes you feel supported and accepted.

I have just completed my HSC and plan to study social work at either the University of Western Sydney or Sydney University. It is my dream to help people and work in the area of women’s rights. Engaging with people and promoting human rights are very important to me.