I think I can speak for most students when I say that the Public Education Foundation scholarship represents 2 primary things. First and perhaps most obviously, the scholarship represents opportunity- a chance to take full advantage of the opportunities afforded to us by our schools. For myself in particular, the grant empowered me to engage completely in all aspects of school life.

Academically, the scholarship has enabled me to seek the most advanced learning materials available such as textbooks, as well as fund excursions and resources to help with research. More significantly, however, the scholarship supports my ongoing involvement in co-curricular activities such as representative sport for the school.

I firmly believe that it is my full investment into both the academic and co-curricular aspects of school life that have contributed significantly towards my education, as well as greatly influence my identity and character. It is the scholarship that has helped me to gain this greatest possible value out of my final year in high school.

Most importantly, however, the scholarship represents faith. The Foundation’s ongoing support and investment exhibits their undying faith in the capabilities of us students, our families and the public schools that we represent.