Roaa Ahmed has so many amazing achievements considering the challenges she faced and the short time that she has been living in Australia. We’re happy to share her story.

“I’m Egyptian but I came from China on December 2018. I came at the age of 16 but I started studying at Beverly Hills at the age of 17. Due to my poor English and as my lifetime study was in Arabic, I had to go to the IEC (Intensive English Centre, at Bankstown Senior College). I learned English there for term and half and then I was transferred to finish of the last term of year 10 at Beverly Hills Girls high school. As I came from a totally different education system, adapting to the Australian Education system wasn’t easy for me. I was always top in my classes in both Egypt and China and I even topped state ranks in Egypt too, it was really frustrating seeing my results in the first term of year 11. Throughout the year I’ve tried my best to adapt to the system as year 11 was my only chance to get good results in year 12. I didn’t expect this success at all!!

Achieving first in the state is a pay off to my teachers and my school who were always by my side. I’ve got my ATAR today which is 94.50% and I can’t believe it! After less than 3 years of studying in English I was able to succeed and achieve this ATAR! I can’t believe I did that with the barriers I personally had and with the full lockdown!

“PEF played a significant role in my success! PEF has contributed to this success by giving me the opportunity to afford any equipment I needed for my studies! Not only that, the PEF has offered Studiosty to me which had a crucial effect on my studies. I had online tutors for free 24/7. It was literally a lifesaver especially in the lockdowns period! The scholarship is the hidden reason behind my success today as I never had to worry about how to offered books, laptops tutors and a mentor! I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to my teachers, school, the PEF and my mentor!”

Roaa finished first in Arabic extension and received 94.50% in the recent ATAR. She was a recipient of Public Education Foundation’s Friends of Zainab Senior Secondary scholarship when she was in Year 10 and recently received the Friends of Zainab Tertiary scholarship. We wish her all the best!